The Powell Law Firm: “Essential” in Obtaining $12.65million Settlement.

The Miami appellate/trial support attorneys of The Powell Law Firm, P.A., recently assisted the trial attorneys of Silverstein, Silverstein and Silverstein, P.A., in obtaining a $12.65million settlement in a breach of contract/insurance bad faith case.
The plaintiff had suffered the violent amputation of his right arm and other serious injuries when he was struck by an airplane propeller at the now defunct North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines, FL.
Trial attorneys Gregg and Darryn Silverstein of Silverstein, Silverstein and Silverstein, P.A., represented the plaintiff in obtaining favorable settlements with the pilot of the plane and others involved, but the insurer for the airport’s property manager denied coverage and refused to negotiate. The Silverstein firm obtained an excess judgment against the property manager in January 2006.
A highly complex litigation ensued in the 17th Judicial Circuit Court in Broward County, in which Brett C. Powell and P. Brandon Perkins of the Powell Law Firm teamed with the Silverstein firm to represent the plaintiff. Together, this team successfully argued to the trial court that the insurer wrongfully refused to cover the property manager and that the insurer could not, therefore, set aside the judgment on due process grounds. As a result, the trial court ruled that the insurer could be held liable for the excess verdict
On the eve of trial and after five years of hard fought litigation, the insurer was persuaded to settle the case for $12.65million.
Said Gregg A. Silverstein, lead counsel in the case: “Hiring the Powell Law Firm was a great idea which was essential to obtaining this large settlement. The Powell Law Firm has vast legal expertise and invaluable experience in providing the best trial support out there. The Powell Law Firm gives 110 % effort.”
The appellate attorneys of The Powell Law Firm gladly team with quality trial firms in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state of Florida to ensure the best possible results for their clients.